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Modern Interior Design

Instead of replacing your furniture, why not upgrade ?

Furniture Upgrade

Create, renovate or transform your walls and furniture

Thanks to our thermoformable architectural vinyl, you can cover a number of surfaces like wood, aluminium and PVC. Hotel bedrooms, kitchen, lounges… With our covering solutions you can do any chosen renovation in every room of your establishment or shop.

With over 470 different adhesive covering references, our solutions come in various styles for interiors that match your taste.

With our adhesive film solution you will get a number of benefits, including:

  • A quick and easy upgrade, with bubble-free rendering and resistance to heat and humidity

  • Low cost! Between 50 and 70% less expensive than traditional renovation

  • Unique quality, in material and result

  • A 10-year guarantee against cracking, yellowing or de-lamination

Have a look at the colours and textures available...

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