About Us

Our Management Team consists of senior officials. The scope of the Team is to devise and review the strategy for implementation. 


It will also be responsible for the following activities:

  • The holistic strategy and conformity

  • Management of the Project

  • Coordination between entities and service providers

  • Quality control

  • Governance

  • To overview financial statements 

  • Project Planning & Management

BIGEXHIBITS abides by standard operating procedures (SOPs) in order to ensure best practice and enhanced levels of service to the client. 

The procedures include the use of detailed documentation as part of a step by step route to the attainment of the ultimate objective of the client, and a successful project implementation. 

The role of the project management team shall be that of co-ordinating, managing and implementation of the project. 


Indeed, the success or otherwise of similar projects is usually determined by the clarity and tangibility of the targets and objectives outlined for the project. 

Each target is in fact utilised in the process of determining the milestone schedule of activities and events required to achieve the mission of the exercise.

The event and project managers will be fully responsible for the day-day operations and will ensure that the project is being delivered according to these objectives, including co-ordination with all parties.

Each activity will be assigned a metric for the measurement of its success in determining the mission of the project. 

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