The primary role of the MITA Network Operations Centre (NOC) is to ensure that all Government ICT services are fit for use and maintain a high degree of service availability.

The MITA NOC achieves this by monitoring the health status round the clock (24x7) of over 1,600 Government servers, 200 core network routers and switches, 600 broadband connections, the Maltese Embassies network, over 250 core ICT services and more. Through a comprehensive network management system in place and a state of the art Data Centre, the NOC technical support team are alerted of any faults or problems across the entire Government ICT infrastructure as they occur. This visibility and swift intervention by the technical support team ensure that service availability is not jeopardised.

The NOC also ensures that all Government Data is backed-up daily onto a state of the art backup solution to ensure data provisioning can be provided when the needs arise. The day to day operation of the NOC is based on widely recognised service management best practices such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and is also ISO27001 / ISO9001 compliant.

This ensures that Government ICT services are highly available and can be accessed round the clock by the public and by the entire Government workforce to ensure smooth running of Government operations.